Young Greimei’s Passion in Nail Art Business

23-years-old Greimei Ezra.


NOT every young Solomon Islander sees nail art as a fashion that is very important in keeping their nails shiny and healthy.

23-years-old Greimei Ezra who is ethnically from Malaita and Guadalcanal recalled nail art as her hobby since childhood.

Greimei calls nail art a hobby to make her nails look pretty and at the same time keeps her nails clean and healthy at all times.

“Since I was little I love to paint my nails, I just loved the combination of colors seen on my hand and how it looked neat and beautiful,” Greimei recalled.

Greimei Ezra calls herself a nail technician. As someone who is drawn into nail art, Greimei not only sees nail art as part of fashion but also as keeping healthy fingers nails.

Growing up as a child, she used to be obsessed with nail polish playing around with different colors painting each finger. Not only that but besides nail art, she is also interested in drawing and used drawing to make different patterns on her nails.

While doing this, she was inspired by the work that she does on her nails and was always motivated when others admire her work of art. She started off making nail art with her fingers including her friends. Not until in 2018 she was given the idea to start her little business making money out of the skill that she had.

The nail art lover completed high school in 2016 and then went to do some upgrade courses at the University of the South Pacific in Honiara. From there she did some further studies at the Solomon Islands National University.

In 2019 she did little work as a receptionist at the Bethel conference and after applied for a flight attendant position, which she was lucky to be picked in 2020 and worked as a flight attendant for the Solomon airlines, which she also highlighted as her dream career.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Greimei was not able to continue with the job and stayed back home, got herself into what she described as her hobby, and started her own little business doing nail art.

It was also back in 2019 when she officially created a page on Facebook and called it Greimei’s Nail Art, which currently has more than 1600 followers.

Greimei started her nail business at home. This year besides doing what she does, Greimei also works at the empire barber culture located at kukum where she does hair braiding including her nail apps, hair extensions, and hair dying.

“Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate and keep healthy nails. It can also keep away germs which can make us sick or poses a serious threat to our health.”

Greimei sees her skills as an opportunity to move forward in life.

“As a young skilful person, I would say that it is good for us to know our skillful talents and make use of it. Do not let others put you down with negative thoughts,” she said.

Greimei encouraged young girls to always think positively and do not let negative words from other people destroy them.


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