Story of Lalita Hong, a Student in Journalism

SINU Journalism student, Lalita Atangaoi Hong.


LALITA Atangaoi Hong is a 23-year-old student who shares her experience and passion for Journalism in an exclusive interview with Solomon Women reporter, Joy Ofasia.

The final year student, Lalita Hong, now hopes to graduate from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) journalism and media program in Honiara.

“To be a woman journalist is something that I had always wanted to become over the years growing up in the country.

“I can say with confidence that I will soon become a journalist,” Lanita said. “I see that the country’s media industry needs more women in the industry. I think that women are multi-dimensional to start with and I believe that women can make a big difference in the media industry.”

For background, Lalita is ethnically from Rennell and Bellona province and Simbo in the Western Province. As a young girl growing up she watched and listen to the news, and was always struck by how world events and local stories impacted her perception of society.

Lalita have so many reasons why she chose media and Journalism; however, the main reason was that she finds journalism as a passion; she wanted to inspire change and get people’s voice to be heard.

“I chose to study journalism and media because every time I see journalists covering political events, fashion, trends, life, sports, economy, etc… I know I want to do that too.

“I am very curious about what’s happening around, like being connected and be a part of the change,” she said.

Despite the difficulties, her ambitions pose, Lanita is working hard to reach her goals and pushes herself to stay positive about her career prospects in Journalism.

A word of advice to female school leavers from Lanita is to make sure you love what you’re doing, and if you know that you love what you’re doing, you’ll find a way to make that work.

“Always love what you’re doing, and you give it a try, and if that’s pursuing a study in journalism and media, then that’s great and give it a try,” she said.


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