Sagalu Ward Leaders Receive Leadership Training

Solomon Women Newspaper
The participants of the a leadership and anti-corruption awareness workshop held at the Visale’s Sagalu ward.


GUADALCANAL Provincial Council of Women has delivered leadership and anti-corruption awareness workshop at the Visale’s Sagalu ward in North-West Guadalcanal.

The trainers-training awareness workshop was held from 28th to 29th January and it’s the first series of training to be held in 2020 and it has already started in Tasimboko ward in the East Guadalcanal.

The workshop invited 20 community leaders and chiefs from seven respective communities within the Sagalu ward. The workshop also covered the following topics on Gender, Transformational leadership, Corruption offenses, and others.

The purpose of the training is to prepare local participants on how to become trainers on the specific issues of Leadership, Corruption Act and Anti-corruption and to ensure they have an equipped knowledge on how to recognize the corruption offenses happening within their communities.

Local women leaders during a group discussion at the leadership and anti-corruption awareness workshop.

At the end of the workshop, the 20 participating trainers are expected to deliver similar training to 30 selected locals within their respective communities. 

Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women (GPCW) President, Alice Hou said the workshop is targeting community leaders, therefore, they need capacity building to link them from gender into transformational leadership.

“When community leaders are being empowered by the issue of gender; they will be able to make fair decisions to avoid corruption offenses within their communities. 

“The selected communities in the ward were being selected because there are major developments such as logging existing in these communities which faces many influences from people from the town.

“We think that by delivering the workshop in Sagalu ward; the people and their leaders will be informed and aware of these offenses and will then help to protect their communities from the acts of corruption and will be able to settle conflicts and also to monitor developments when they come around,” Alice Hou added.

The awareness training workshop was funded by UNDP and implemented by GPCW with the support of DSE.