Our Cultures Must be Valued, Says Bollen

Mary Bollen

A number of cultural aspects influence the way we interact with other people, including traditional culture and various cultural norms, belief and practises. All these elements influence our day-to-day way of life.
According to the former President of the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women, Mary Bollen at the opening of the inaugural 2017 Guadalcanal Weaving Festival held Lela beach, West Guadalcanal, preserving our culture is an important aspect of our cultural heritage.
“To celebrate this first ever weaving festival hosted by the Guadalcanal Province is one way to preserve and value our cultures and to show case our unique weaving styles and crafts, promote traditional clothes and performance of traditional dances.
“The weaving festival is seen as a timely event for our elderly people of Guadalcanal province to educate our younger generation on how to preserve our cultural practises and life styles and to value its importance for our future generation,” Mrs Bollen said.
The one-week festival featured amazing demonstrations of traditional weaving from across Guadalcanal, traditional dancing, panpipes and string band and other significant cultural activities.
Meanwhile, she expressed that the event is also a suitable time for the provincial government to identify weavers that might need promotion and funding support to sustain their talents, knowledge and skills.
“By doing it, we are helping them to venture into small income generating and also promoting our cultures weaving tradition,” the former president said.
The historical event aims to engage traditional artists from Guadalcanal province to engage with their traditional and cultural practises and to learn more about the lifestyle of their people in their different geographical areas including the history of their people, their art, their weaving and other elements that help shape their way of life.