New Television Company Pre-launched

(L-R) Satsol Representative, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Palua and LTV CEO cutting the cake at the pre-launch ceremony

LTV (Lifestyle Television), Solomon Islands new television company that aspires to inform, entertain, educate and empower citizens in the country was launched recently in Honiara.

Speaking at the pre launching ceremony held at their studio office at the Solomon Island Development Trust building compound at New China Town, LTV’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lawinter Kii said the company is established on the belief to transform lives of the citizens of this country.

“The company’s aspiration (dream) was to become the first television company to connect all the provinces in the country to the capital in Honiara.

“We will try to reach all Solomon Islands regardless of where they are and with a reputation that people and organisations will have confidence in. LTV is truly a Solomon Island Company because it is formed by Solomon Islanders, paid for by Solomon Islanders and is going to be used by Solomon Islanders,” he added.

Lifestyle Television (LTV) Chief Exclusive Officer (CEO) Mr Lawinter Kii

The pre launch ceremony was established in partnership with SATSOL Company, which will televise LTV on one of their networks. Meanwhile, LTV Company aimed to concentrate more on producing and televising local content to its local target audience in the country.

According to Mr Kii, in order to achieve those aspirations, firstly the company will be using existing telecommunication infrastructures and networks.

“Therefore, we will be working in partnership with telecommunication companies and internet service providers to achieve these aspirations.

“The company has three Plat Forms in which to use and reach people. The first one is the Analogy VHF channel, which is unfortunately not yet available and is put on hold because the company has not received its licences from the Television board.

“The second plat form is the online, which is currently been used and our audience can follow us via our website or on their Facebook page Finally is the Digital Plat Form, which at the moment is riding along with SATSOL Company who is facilitating it in all necessities and even giving us free channel to air our contents.

Meanwhile, Mr Kii said it’s a dream come true and a fine achievement to currently see LTV is operating.

“A bigger launching is expected soon, once LTV acquires its own license,” LTV’s CEO said.