Leadership Training Held for Women with Disabilities

Solomon Women Newspaper
Participants during the training.


WOMEN and girls with disabilities have undergone a leadership-training workshop on how to exercise decision-making within their own societies.

The two-day workshop was held at the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) conference room. The participants were members of the Rehabilitation Ability Skill Association (RAS).

Rehabilitation Ability Skill Association President and Workshop Facilitator, Ms. Diana Ma’ahoro said the workshop was aimed for the most vulnerable women of the society, who are always being left out on in activities within their respective societies, churches, and communities.

“The workshop aims to empower women with a disability on how to build their self-esteem, values, communication and leadership skills within their communities.

Diana said they have been planning to carry out training for the women and girls with disabilities for quite a time now, but due to lack of funds, they were unable to carry out their training until now.

“We are very happy that we are now able to start our training for our group of women and girls with disabilities which will be continuing till December this year,” she said.

Three scheduled training will be carried out this year, confirmed the President.

The workshop was funded by the Ministry of Women Children Youth and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) and facilitated by (YWCA) facilitators. The President acknowledged the active response of the Ministry of Women for recognizing the importance of this training.

The workshop facilitators also organized two nights of camping at the YWCA Centre.

A participant with special needs, Janet Sibale thanked the Association for organizing such important training.

“I would like to thank RAS for organizing this training, YWCA for facilitating and accommodating us following the two nights of camping at the Centre.

“As a person with a disability, after undergoing the training, it has strengthened my confidence to do whatever I would like to do in my society,” she added.