Female Medical Doctor Scoops Dux Award

Solomon Women Newspaper
Dr Jacinta Ramo proudly showing her certificate of achievement.

SOLOMON Islands Medical Doctor, Dr. Jacinta Ramo was named top student among the 14 medical students who graduated from the Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP) recently at the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

Dr Ramo, 34, from Malatia province, studied the International Post graduate Certificate (IPPC) Program designed for doctors only since 2006.

The mother of three did her medical studies in Fiji from 2006-2011 and began her internship in 2012 at the National Referral Hospital as a Senior Emergency Registrar in the Emergency Department.

Dr Ramo said she didn’t expect to be the dux of her class as she had a heavy workload with her studies, plus work and family.

She also won an award to further her studies in Fiji next year doing a Masters in Emergency Medicines. She will be sponsored by the West Mead Children’s Hospital Sydney in Australia.

Having three, very young kids made it quite difficult for her to cope with her studies and work at the same time, she said.

“After all, I have to say that I believe so much in my hard work towards my studies and work despite the sleepless nights I had during the course and everyday working in the hospital.

“Now I’m really happy that I have made it,” she said.

Dr Ramo said she had managed to keep up with her study time and that’s one thing she had managed to cope with among all her daily duties.

This had helped her to pass all her examinations despite all the struggles and challenges she came across during her period of studying.

“Putting my trust to God is what strengthened me the most as there was nothing I did without Him and without Him I wouldn’t have come this far in life,” she said.

“There’s nothing a woman cannot do. If men can do it, women can also do it. If men can handle a sick patient in emergency, women can also handle a sick patient in emergency. Gender doesn’t matter,” Dr Ramo said.

She said the course had helped her a lot in building up her confidence to care and treat sick patients who have complex illnesses and other simple sicknesses.