Bible Literacy Training a Blessing, Says Lilly

Bible literacy training participant, Lilly Sare

Like in the Solomon Islands the Bible often gets quoted in everyday life, yet the majority of the country’s rural and urban population are illiterate and rarely know the how to read the bible.

The interpretation of God’s word through the bible is seen as a vital component to aide the spiritual soul. The majority of the country’s population are Christians (church goers); who voluntarily or compulsory attended church services.

According to a member of Matariu community in the outskirts of Central Honiara constituency, Lilly Sare, the bible literacy training held at our community was a very rewarding opportunity for me as an illiterate mother.

“The Bible literacy training held at the Matariu community has been a true blessing for us (illiterate women), whom had not had the chance in education. Therefore, I am so grateful to be one of the trainees in this program because now I will be able to participate in church ministries and also other important programs in my community.

“I am a house wife and I had not attended to any form of education since I was a child. The participation to this training program means a lot to me. The bible literacy training has helped me to gain more knowledge and understanding on how to read and write.

“The Biblical Literacy training has given me the ability and motivation to read the Bible with sufficient knowledge, skill and understanding on how to use the bible and to understand the basic meaning of a biblical text (word of God),” she added.

There is certainly no doubt to suggest that the Bible has been a vital influence on life of ordinary Solomon Islanders, or even perhaps the strongest influence. Solomon Islanders are made up of diverse ethnicity and cultures of varying beliefs and practices. But the Bible has certainly been, and remains, a very important influence.

Mrs Sara encouraged illiterate women, youth and children in the country to must attend such trainings.

“Sometimes women might develop low self-esteem because of poor education background. But let us not have that type of mind-set; we must learn to struggle, move on and grab hold of opportunities that are in front of us,” she expressed.

The majority of the country’s population are Christians (church goers) voluntarily or compulsory attended church services.

Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG) has facilitated the Biblical Literacy training workshop.

SITAG Training officer, Theresa Ruriti doing a literacy training presentation at the workshop venue