Behind the Scenes of Raw Sports Newspaper

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Lynda Wate Seni scooping the 2016 SICCI Business Woman of the Year Award...Photo credit -Today Solomon Magazine.

FLIPPING through the sport pages of local leading newspapers as a publisher, Lynda Wate Seni has set her mind to establish the first ever-weekly sports newspaper in Solomon Islands.

With her media enterprise, Isles Media Investment, Lynda visualize the idea to establish ‘Raw Sports Newspaper’ as a medium to pave a way forward in terms of promoting and supporting the development of sports in the country.

She founded Raw Sports Newspaper in 2011, setting her the benchmark as the first women sports publisher in the country.

“The idea is to support and promote sports in the Solomon Islands, not to just become popular but to revive Solomon Islands sports through our operations in the media industry,” she told Solomon Women.

Solomon Islands leading weekly sports paper – Raw Sports Newspaper.

Lynda is widely respected as one of the most accomplished businesswoman entrepreneur and media publisher in the male-dominated media industry.

“Establishing Raw Sports Newspaper is one of my unlimited and available business strategies as a woman entrepreneur, director and publisher of the Isles Media Enterprise.

“My vision objective is to establish a right medium to disseminate positive sports news to the following target audience – the sporting population, sport organizations, policy makers, sports development partners and government leaders,” she said.

As an inspiring pioneer, visionary and woman business entrepreneur, Lynda now publishes Sunday Isles Newspaper, Raw Sports Newspaper, and Solomon Women Newspaper.

She reiterated that the popular style of sports stories often printed at the back of the newspapers triggered her to initially establishment the country’s first specialised sports newspaper.

“Raw Sports articles aims to promote healthy lifestyle, different sports competitions and associations, physical education, gender in sports, sports and media network and partnership, community involvement in sports, athletes profile, sports culture and other important aspects of national sports development in country.

“I believe Raw Sports has the potential to influence public knowledge,” she added.

Raw Sports is currently focusing its media intentions and priorities towards the upcoming 2023 Pacific Games, which is to be hosted in Solomon Islands.

Lynda admits the fact that Solomon Islands is a country in the Pacific with great passion in football and other sports.

“Solomon Islanders are crazy for football and other sports even we don’t have better sporting facilities, equipment and infrastructures, but our population has a huge amount of passion inside them and that’s when I just start where I stand and give birth to Raw Sports and taking the challenge to keep pushing to allow growth to make my vision come to reality,” she said.

Ever since growing up, Lynda has a huge passion for various sports and competitions. She also played different sports growing up and also competed in netball competitions. It comes as no surprise why she is more attached to sports; she is also married to a Solomon Islands former attacking midfielder and legendary footballer, Robert Seni.

Lynda has served 14 years in the media industry and 8 years as a women entrepreneur; afterwards she has continued to become an inspirational figure to the media and business community in Solomon Islands.

“Our role is to serve the country in the best way possible. We strive to give our readers what they want and to be fair and honest in our reporting.

“I am proud and excited to become part of the history of this newspaper,” she added.

In today’s economic climate, some newspapers are struggling, however, Lynda continue to believe that the key to the continued success of local newspapers is not to give up on unforeseen circumstances or challenges that might hinder the progressive running of newspaper entities.

“I knew [as a small newspaper enterprise] I had to be tough to survive because I’ve started with nothing. I won’t deny the fact that I have never been through extreme challenges but something deep inside me said: “Don’t stop Lynda; try again,” she said.

As part of that effort, Lynda has dedicated her newspaper enterprise as an empowering hub for young aspiring journalist to build their capacity (skills, knowledge and experience) in the media industry.

“Am proud of the business I have created and the opportunity it has brought to others. I deal with issues not to make profits but make things better. The business belongs to the young generation of aspiring journalists in the country.

“As a business owner I want to help young people get going in the right direction. In my life, I always believe in young people; and I am always on the lookout to help and mentor them to get started in whatever their passion is and to get them pointed in the right direction.

“I have a clear mind of what I wish to accomplished,” she adds.

As a publisher, Lynda previously won two businesses awards: 2016 Business Achiever Award – from the Solomon Island Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) and Business Woman of the Year Award – from Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI).

The top achievement awards are the true testament of Lynda’s pioneering spirit.

She admitted people deserve all the good things that life has to offer.

“There is a truth that lies deep down waiting for us to discover. In order to discover the truth, you have to have the passion, strong desire and faith in you to have the strength to battle and to achieve little by little as you go on,” she said.

The Raw Sports newspaper publishes daily sports news and feature articles on the website ( and on printed weekly newspaper.