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Saint Nicholas College, Head Girl, Ruth Sigimanu.

TAKING up leadership responsibility within an academic institution is not an easy task one might easily anticipates.

Leadership always comes with demanding challenges that can only be determined by an honest character and the ability to uphold virtues when it comes to decision making and overseeing the discipline of students in an academic institution like Saint Nicholas College.

Last year, Saint Nicholas College formally assigned 17 year-old, Ruth Sigimanu with the new set of roles and responsibilities as the new ‘Head Girl’ of the College.

Young Sigimanu told Solomon Women this year that she is profoundly honoured with her new leadership obligations.

“Honestly, I am absolutely proud and honoured to take up my new role as the ‘Head Girl’ for the St Nicholas College for 2018,” she expressed.

Ruth is currently undertaking her form 5 of academic studies Saint Nicholas College.

She said venturing into such leadership experience would help me to understand more about the character of a leader and the nature of how to become a leader.

“It was an overwhelmed feeling for me when I was elected to take up the mandate as the school’s Head Girl. Generally, I am very happy to have this opportunity and to experience a leadership role – starting here in school.

“I am not quite sure if one day I would become a leader, however taking up the leadership opportunity at Saint Nicholas College is a great privilege and a new learning curve for me for this important academic year of 2018,” she added.

To verbally signify her new role this year, Ruth expressed her goodwill wishes to all the students of Saint Nicholas College.

“As the head girl, I would like to wish all the students of St Nicholas College – all the Bests in their academic studies, and more importantly to keep working hard as I look forward in working together with all of you this school year,” she said.