YWCA Awaits Funds to Aid Work Plan

YWCA General Secretary, Joceyn Lai discussing the YWCA 2019 work plan with the staff members.


YOUNG Women’s Christian Association in Solomon Islands (YWCA) has announced its 2019 annual work plan and confidence in secure available funds to aid programs under the new strategic plan.

The Association is also determined to review its networking opportunities and to discuss with its donors partners about their views on how to possibly facilitate in the funding of the specific programs outlined for implementation this year.

The official declaration of the annual work plan was held on Monday 11 February at the WYCA centre in Honiara. The outlook of the work plan summarized three major programs to be implemented this year.

The important programs outlined are: Valentine’s Day – 14 – 19th February, World Commemoration of YWCA Day – 24th April and YWCA Council Meeting – 17th-22 November. Most of the programs will mainly target local women in the communities in the country.

YWCA General Secretary Jocelyn Lai said they are looking forward to take part in all specific programs; however, the programs under the scheduled annual work plans are currently awaiting initial funds to ensure its implementations for this year.

“Our first program for this year will be the Valentine’s Day, with the theme; Sisterhood beyond Boarders, which there will be programs lined out for young women and girls members of the association.

“The second program lined up will be the celebration of the World YWCA day which will focus mainly on renewing world YWCA movement and its network and the last program lined up for this year is the World YWCA council with the theme; Young Women Transform Power Structures for Gender Equality.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn Lai stressed that even though YWCA has set up its programs outlined for this year, they are still waiting for available funds to start off all programs.

“The delay of receiving the funds will definitely affect the members of the Association with our trainings plans and other important capacity building programs.

She added that they would have to wait till they receive the funds to aid the programs for this year.

“Every year we always have everything prepared to kick start our annual work plans but this year is quite different. It is already the second month of the year and still there is no fund to run the programs; at the meantime, if the Association is unable to receive funds to cater all its necessary programs then we will have to find another way to provide funds for our existing programs,” she added.

However, Mrs Lai said that even though there is still no funding, they still continue to play their very important role of assisting young women and girls with disability and others disadvantage members of our community who are not included in their 2019 work plan program.

“There are special programs not included in our work plan but we will carry out for this year, for example – visiting young women at the Botanical garden.

“These are programs that we have started over the years and will continue to carry out though out the year that do not need any fund,” Mrs Lai said.