Young Mother Strives to Earn a Living

Mrs Elizabeth George displaying her carving products at the Art Gallery.

NOT every mother has the nerve to venture into the business scene of street sellers in an urban setting. There are many contributed social factors, which might tend to limit the chances of an individual of going that far.

However, Elizabeth George from Guadalcanal province has a different perspective after she agreed with her husband (a specialized wood carver) to sell his traditional wooden carvings [as a form of income earner] to sustain their family livelihood.

With the trend of unemployment in the country, Mrs George has recently enrolled with the Youth @ Work entrepreneurship program with the specific aim to start of a small business with her talented husband.

“The carving tools used by my husband for the creation of the carving products was provided by Youth @ Work as part of the organisation funded assistance to start our business.

“My only challenge at the moment is to secure a tent for me to sell our local artefacts (carving products). At the moment, am absolutely privileged to share a tent with another woman street seller at the Art Gallery,” she told Solomon Women.

Mrs George’s family are currently living at the Honiara outskirt community of Titinge village, West Guadalcanal.

“We previously left our [rural home] village in West Guadalcanal to search for employment in Honiara. Our major aim and objective of coming to the capital was to possibly find employment and secure funds to build a permanent [private] home for our family,” the young mother said.

Like any other parent in the country who wishes to create a better home and future for their children, Mrs George said her dream plan of erecting a permanent home has now started to eventuate into reality.

“With the availability of few basic building materials, am very happy to say we have managed to start the construction the house,” she said.

The young mother believed that there are several business opportunities women can establish with their spouses in terms of building a better financial capacity and livelihood for their respective family.

“I would like to encourage young women and mothers who have undergone the Youth @ Work entrepreneurship program to utilise their opportunity and talents after the completion of the training program.

“I believe the knowledge and skills acquired over the six weeks period of training would boost the level of understanding in terms of starting up their own business in the future,” she said.