Women’s Movement to Address Women Issues

The Vice President of Women’s Right Action Movement (WRAM), Rose Martin

THE Vice President of Women’s Right Action Movement (WRAM), Rose Martin has clearly stated that women’s movement is vital to significantly address other women issues in the country.
Mrs Martin told Solomon Women that we have been taking about a lot of issues that affects the lives of many women in the country; therefore we really need a movement to help address important issues that affects women in Solomon Islands.
“First, we don’t need to be formal, there must be a women participation in leadership, for instance in the environment sector, we must use the gender lenses to identify how it affects both men and women.
“We must use our own strategies to address women’s issues in the country, since we need to grow the different layers of leadership, so that our young women leaders can easily address and achieve some of the underlined issues because to establish a movement is a long term plan and will not happened over night,” Mrs Rose said.
A movement can focus to combat sexual discrimination and to gain full legal, economic, vocational, educational, and social rights and opportunities for women, equal to those of men.
She expressed movement as the group of people with a shared purpose who create change together.
“A movement doesn’t mean that it has to be structured within one place. However, we must learn to create space for young women to participate so that they themselves will start to build confidence and start to consider women’s issues and how they can use the movement to conquer issues,” the Vice President said.