Women Evangelical Group Learn Home Gardening

Women group visiting the Maragoto Farm owned by Dr. Richard Pauku at Lunga, Central Guadalcanal.


A women group from the South Seas Evangelical Church this week visited the Kastom Garden Association farm to undergo training on how to set up back yard or home gardens to enhance household food security and wellbeing.

“We are planning to do more training and to involve more women groups and youths so that we all can work together to help plant healthy foods to consume for our families and for our nation as a whole,” Kastom Garden Association (KGA) Garden Trainer and Supervisor, Esther Londu said. “Our trained staff have been teaching the women to set up backyard gardens at their homes with the aim to use organic farming methods instead of using chemicals when making their backyard gardens.”

She said Kastom Garden wants to teach and target not only farmers but women and youth groups in different communities within the City of Honiara.

“We want the women to have a fair idea on the specific topics on how to nurture seedlings, create compose and to improve soil quality because at the end of the training we will provide them with packets of cabbage seeds including nursery yams so that the women could go home and start off practically using the skills learned with their seedlings,” Esther said.

The two days training provided the women group an opportunity to visit the Maragoto Farm at Lunga owned by Dr. Richard Pauku. Adding to this, the women were able to see the different ways of how to do organic farming and different planting methods.

The women group comprised of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) from Matariu in West Kolaridge, Central Honiara.

Woman participant, Pery Sia, while ending up the training acknowledged the training facilitators from Customer Garden for their helpful practical presentations and for information shared and for making sure they have the chance to observe the work that the Customer Garden staffs are doing to provide farmers with the benefits of home gardens based on subsistence, especially for vegetable production, sale, and soil improvement.

Pery said she always wanted to attend such training.

“Now I am very happy that new skills learned during the two days will really help me as a housewife to be useful at home to start off my backyard garden,” she said.

Pery Sia, one of the women participants was very thankful that she had the chance to come out and learn new knowledge and skills in making a backyard garden.

“I have always wanted to attend training such as this training and now I am very happy that new skills learned during these two days will really help me as a housewife to be useful at home to start off my backyard garden,” she said.

The Kastom Gaden Association works with Solomon Island communities to improve their food futures through community food security assessment, training in small-scale village agriculture, and supporting family nutrition in the Solomon Islands.