Women Benefit From Financial Management Training


TEN LOCAL women operating their own businesses now have a better understanding of how to manage their finance after attending a recent Financial Management Training in Honiara.
The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) conducted the three-day training in partnership with Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprises Centre (SISBEC).
SIWIBA and SISBEC have the same mission, and that is to ensure that local businessmen and businesswomen have the knowledge on how to manage their businesses.
The topics covered included control over cash flow, control on accounts receivables, cash flow, financial reports, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow, analysing and interpreting financial reports, who is communicating what in each report and who uses financial report.
The training also included practical activities that helped participants to fully understand what financial management is all about.
“This training is an opportunity for women to learn freely from each other because the learning environment was female dominated.
“If there were also male participants I think the women will not fully participate because of the mindset portraying men to be better than women,” one of the participants said.
Some of the topics covered during the training were already familiar to the women but it gave them the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills.
“I encourage other women to come and be part of this kind of trainings, so that we can all help in promoting our women in this country,” she said.
Participants also received certificates after the training.