Woman Entrepreneur Embraces New Digital Business

Young woman and entrepreneur, Selina Babi.


NOW and into the future, the people and businesses with devices or computers in the Solomon Islands will be connected to the Internet. With people, businesses, and things communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other, a new world comes into being – the world of digital business.

As a young woman and entrepreneur, Selina Babi, 39, from the Santa Isabel province in the Solomon Islands aims to help and empower the local businesses and organizations in the country to achieve more. For her business that means a digital transformation.

Now being a mother of three, and despite the negativity of COVID-19 plaguing the business community in the country, Selina hopes to survive and thrive her business in this new era with the embrace of digital transformation in the country.

Solomon Women Newspaper brings you an interview of what it takes to become an entrepreneur in the new digital world and landscape.

Here is the interview:

 When did you start your business?

I had signed up and started to follow this business for at least a month and a half before I learned to listen to the inner being that has been telling me that this is the right path to follow. So just less than 5 months ago I officially became a digital business owner.

 What motivated you into this Business?

My greatest and far most motivation for taking action and jumping in with two feet into this digital business is my children. I have goals and vision for a long time to provide for my children and wanted to be financially free and also want to be able to provide for my kids with the best of education they need. I want to set a strong foundation for my children’s future and so all these goals motivated me into doing this.

 Where is the Location of your Business?

The best thing about this business is, I can work anywhere, whether it’s in the kitchen at home or outside the house. Even at the beach or in the car…as long as there is an internet connection available. You can travel anywhere in the world and can assess your work. Pretty much I am living my life at my fingertips.

 What is the name of your Business?

The name of my business is Selina Babi…I’d rather have my own name just so it’s easy to tell. Also following if you wish to check out my link, register here – www.selinababi.com

 What are your Services?

• We provide free step by step online training for our newbies and as well as ongoing training for the business owners as well. Every twice a week we have training for the newbies and once a week we have training for the growing business owners and it’s all done digitally.
• We provide free mentorship and coach to you to get up run your business successfully.
• We offer a fully automated system, which runs 24/7 and even when you own a busy schedule.
• Sales system
• Product Research
• Marketing Training

 What are some challenges you faced as an Entrepreneur when you started off this Business?

Digital business is so new to me, I have never joined anything like this before and it is a men dominant kind of job. It can be just scary being with the unknown, scared of cyberbullying and bad comments and bad mannered people.

 Have you overcome these Challenges?

Not until I finally completed all my training and there wasn’t a thing to worry about. The training just fully armed me for the business. I am forever grateful that I had found this business.

It’s a blessing to be part of something incredible and out dream achieving business. The training we went through earlier operating to the public was awesome and it helped me to eliminate whom I found disrespectful to my page. Also during the training, we did a lot of meditations and other mind clarity and calmness programs as well which helped me overcome the challenges I face in this business.

 What are your Experiences in the Business?

My experience is priceless, the training I took I can put into other businesses as well. I got it all for free while I should have spent thousands of dollars to learn it.
Blessings start to flow in and I am forever grateful for my goals achieving in a very short time from now. Even my kids are now enjoying the seed I have planted just a few months back. I love this digital business.

 Have someone Supported you when you Started your Business?

No, I have done everything all by myself, the training and set up of the business I did it all by myself. Financially my husband and I have a small business running on the side so we agreed that I can borrow and reimburse our other business later.

 As we are still in the Covid-19 state of the Emergency period, What Message would you pass out to other Local Entrepreneurs as an Encouragement?

It’s an especially strange and scary time to be an entrepreneur at a crisis like this. The blunt truth is that while you didn’t choose or plan for this you still need to figure it out how to survive it. Keep moving-don’t let this pandemic paralyze you. Keep moving in a deliberate and intentional manner. These times will pass.

 What Advice would you give to Encourage women and girls into being Entrepreneurs?

• Believe in yourself-it is really important to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the first step to success.
• Take the risk-Things you regret the most in life are the risks you didn’t take. If you think you can change something for better, do it, or if you do nothing about it, nothing’s going to change.
• Have a vision as an entrepreneur, you have to be transparent about your goals, you should be able to envision your company’s goal and future in your head.
• Face your fears- Don’t let fear hold you back from what your inner self telling you, you are capable of achieving.