Why Angie Loves Beauty and Fashion

Angie Basil at the Haus of Nails - Heritage Park Hotel.


“BEING able to do what you have been dreaming to do since you were a child is like a dream come true.”

These are the words of Angie Basil, a young woman from the Makira province.

“I completed high school and did not manage to go on further studies and decided to follow my passion and see where it will take me to,” said Angie.

Angie has been admiring people working in salons making other people look beautiful and always dreamed that one-day she would also have the talent.

Angie got married in a young age but never gave up her dream. She decided to do look and learn from her aunties who had the talent of beauty and fashion and finally grasped the skills.

“Even though I have not been able to study these skills, I managed to learn from my relatives and am very happy because this is what I am engaged in and to earn from to help my family as a young mother.”

Angie works for 5 years now and is currently working in the Haus of Nails at the Heritage Park Hotel.

“Beautifying our body is next to keeping ourselves healthy,” Angie said.

“There are many people in the Solomon Islands who ignore these cleaning ups especially women and girls,” Angie said.

“I encourage all people especially women and girls to at least attempt to do a body treatment that would keep a healthy body.”

Angie has had her own challenges that she faced working in the beauty salon. The challenges she faced were negative comments from people on how she worked on the people’s body.

“It was challenging sometimes when you have been told right on your face that your job is not good, just like that,” Angie said.

“I slowly managed to overcome these challenges because I knew that learning from mistakes will make you much better in whatever you do.”

Angie encourages girls and women to go for their passion.

“What you want and what you aim for in life no matter how hard it is, but is you have a strong mind for it you will be able to do it,” said Angie.