Unlocking Business Talent: How the Businesses Started Out


A young local businesswoman from Solomon Islands has realised that it is not only commitment that can make a person achieve their goals but also it is more on talents to achieve a dream.
Miriam Ratu founded Wan Impact in 2013, when she noticed a possible market in selling of t-shirt designs and other print design products. Her passion for that trade started out from her family-printing group. From there, that’s when she chooses her future career.
“I later decided to start off my own printing design business; because as one of the young talented youth in the country, I know I have a natural talent and skills in making it happen,” she told Solomon Women’s Newspaper.
Ratu said to be a young entrepreneur is an interesting role to carry out, although it has its own challenges.
“Printing is one of the best things that I love to do and it inspires me to see the final products that I have created. It wasn’t easy for me as a young female who is desperate to create something useful using my talents and skills and being a student at the same time. But I couldn’t wait so I decided to try my best to at least start off with something at first,” she said.
Turning the spotlight
Now the 20-year-old said her challenges when starting off her little business was always forth coming despite though she never gave up but maintained determination.
“There were few challenges that I came across when I started. The main challenges were to secure funds to ensure my business is up and running. These were to help out to pay for the paints, T-shirts and wools to create hand bracelets and some other needs. I also saw that there were not many customers and clients when I started but I never gave up.
“The Wan Impact printing business provides various designs of printing. For example, printing and dyeing of t-shirts, lavalava’s, group uniforms, scarfs and hand bracelets,” she said.
Seeing new potential
As months passed, Ms Ratu’s little business managed to help her achieve her second goal she had in mind.
“In 2015, I started my little canteen which I named “Mid Valley canteen” which was located at Mbokonavera. The canteen was started out of the savings from the Wan Impact business,” she said.
She is currently working at the Black Jack taxi service as a radio wireless female controller a.k.a base girl.
Meanwhile, Ratu commented on the level of young female in Business in Solomon Islands saying that it is rare to see young females get down to business as a young entrepreneur
“Many young people are more interested in today’s life style that they forget to think on how to make use of their talents and skills that may help them one day in the future,” said Ms Ratu.
“We all have a bright future so I encourage all young females out there to start making use of your skills and talents that you have to help you in the future,” she added.