Solomon Islander Shares Experience Living in Canada’s COVID-19 Scare

Jillian cautioned locals residing in Canada to obey government health advice

Jillian Soni, a mother of two from Guadalcanal province.


ALMOST a month working abroad, Jillian Soni, a mother of two from Guadalcanal province speaks of her experience, working and living in Canada a country that has more than 7,000 COVID-19 cases and almost a hundred deaths so far.

Luckily for her, the COVID-19 is not yet or still yet to reach Abbotsford town in British Colombia province, Canada which she lived.

British Columbia is 376 miles from Ottawa the capital city of Canada

In an interview via Facebook, Jillian said though no confirmed cases there still, Health authorities already imposed strict measures to fight off the virus.

For her, the situation is already scary.

“It’s scary, right? I mean people are dying every day.

“Honestly I’m scared of this virus but on the other hand there have been guidelines where health authorities been laying out for us to follow; like eating healthy and always practicing basic hygiene, like washing hands properly with soaps, applied sanitizers, always wear face masks and plastic gloves so as keep our environment clean.”

She continued; “they also advised us to always stay away or avoid crowded places.

“Where I live is still safe but as I have said taking extra care and follow health guidelines is of priority,” Jillian Soni told Sunday Isles in a Facebook interview.

Ms. Soni said though the COVID-19 dilemma hasn’t been that catastrophic in Abbotsford, it has had a huge impact throughout the country.

“There are businesses that are forced to close their doors amid the virus outbreak in the country.

“Here at Abbotsford, a minute late to the grocery shop means only the empty shelves are waiting to greet you.

“One has to be early to get foods and other basic needs from the shops,” she said.

She continued; “in situations like this and as a Solomon islander coming from a Christian country, prayer is what keeps me going as I know that my God is stronger than this Coronavirus.

“If God before me, who can be against me?” she said.

As the situation in Abbotsford is still at ease, it means business as usual for Jillian, meaning she continues on her normal working hour routine.

Health guidelines are what they all must comply with and accustom to in their workplaces according to her.

She, therefore, advised her other Solomon Islands counterparts, working in and around Canada to adhere to every advice and measure from health authorities.

“There were others still on home quarantine at this time, those that are working in other provinces.

“I call on them to take extra care and always follow health advice and apply basic hygiene at all times.

“Stay indoors and always keep your environment clean,” Ms. Soni urged.