Sky Has No Limit for Student Nurse

Female Nurse Student Aims to Achieve more in the Future

SINU Nurse Student Esther Chuchuni.

THERE is no other way to describe the ambition and vision of the 22 year-old nurse student from Guadalcanal province, who is currently doing her second year of academic studies at the School of Allied Health and Nursing at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) in Honiara.

Esther Chuchuni ever since attended primary school had dreamt to become a nurse and to serve the medically vulnerable people in the country. The dream to take up the future career path of a nurse was not a surprise when she was enrolled to undertake studies at the local University in 2016.

“Since I was in primary school, I really admired the work of local nurses in the clinics and hospital. It was my personal dream and I always wished that one fine day I will become a nurse in the future.

“I had several priority reasons as to why I wanted to become a nurse. I had seen people, who have suffered from severe medical complications in my rural community. The scenario triggered my emotions to pursue my dream career, which is to help the country’s sick population (who have no access to medical services) in the rural communities.

“Therefore, am very optimistic to serve in health and medical sector in the future; and looking forward to work in partnership with other local nurses in the country,” she told Solomon Women.

She later encouraged new medical students and future nurses in the country to continue pursing their studies and to never give up but to keep on striving to achieve their ultimate goal as qualified nurses or medical workers.

“I really enjoy being a nurse student, but I had also proved and experienced many challenges in my practical this year, whist completed my two major practical at the labour ward of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Guadalcanal [at the first semester] and the medical ward of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara [at the second semester],” she expressed.

“Despite the busy and tight scheduled to managed the sick patients and child bearers, I had to concentrate well with my assigned task and to cope with the instructions given by all the senior nursing staff at both hospitals during my practical.

“My dream is to become a specialized nurse in midwifery. It is my desire as a young woman to help women who are suffering in labour,” she added.