Single Mother Takes Up Leadership Role

Ms Amaria Kezaqeto

TODAY, not every young single mother has the confident to accept responsibilities as community leaders due to family commitment in parenting and challenges of life in general.
It’s common for young single parents to take a negative view of the challenges they face. However, if single parents are willing to work hard and get help when they need it, they can benefit from their situation in a number of ways.
Solomon Women managed to interview Amaria Kezaqeto, a young single mother who hails from Kekehe in Munda, Western Province on how she accept the responsibilities of being a community youth leader and challenges of single parenting.
“Working with youth in a socialised community is not simple because young people or youths are more vulnerable within our communities, vulnerable to so many social issues such alcohol consumption and unemployment.”
She said why am saying this is because once upon a time am a youth too and I have the same challenges and problems.
“However, as a single mother and a community youth leadership, I have issues when it comes to poor time management since I have my own commitments and responsibilities at home. Nevertheless, I have no regrets but to understand the importance of my role in the community and more especially to balance my work as a community youth leader and responsible single parent,” the community youth leader said.
Amaria expressed that she has less support from her community since most of the adults in the community have no vital understanding on the importance of community and youth capacity building and development.
“Working with a highly socialise community is not that easy because sometimes young people intend to get involve in other anti-socialise activities. However, despite of all these challenges, I have taken up few measures to lessen and address such problems.
“Already I have set up few projects for my youths to engage with in our community like encouraging youths to involve in money generating activities and engaged in organised field trips, however currently they are working on a house construction project.
“Once the housing project is completed; our youths will use the building as a youth centre to engage in educational activities that might boost their social skills, as well as to give them positive support to engage rightfully in community.
“Youths who experienced all these benefits will less likely to engage in problem behaviors because it reduces their vulnerability to negative influences, which in turn decreases their likelihood of using drugs and alcohol, joining gangs, or failing in school,” she said.
Youth leadership opportunities are often overlooked by adults, either knowingly or unknowingly, but the results are the same; a lost opportunity for young people to take the lead. Even when adults consider themselves supporters for youth in leadership roles, many times adults are asked to undertake the leadership positions instead of letting youth take the lead.
Meanwhile, she urge all young women who have taken up leadership roles in their respective communities in the country to keep up the good work despite challenges and hardships.
“Always be think positive and believe in yourself and be committed to do the best you can as a youth community leader,” she said.