SI Young Female Voice Again in Geneva

Naomi Tai attending the Human Rights Council Declaration in Geneva.

The People With Disability Solomon Islands (PWDSI) was so fortunate to have one of its members attending the Human Rights Council of Youth Forum Declaration in Geneva, Switzerland through the support of the Young Women Christian Association Solomon Islands (YWCASI)

Naomi Tai recently attended the Human Rights Council of Youth Forum Declaration with the good support of the Young Women Christian Association Solomon Islands.

In an exclusive interview with Solomon Women Newspaper, Naomi Tai speaks confidently about her experience as well as the speech she delivered on behalf of YWCASI.

In her statement, she stated the fact that violence against women and girls is rooted in gender-based violence, discriminations, social norms and gender stereotypes.

According to Ms Tai’s statements, violence against women and girls is increasingly recognised as public health matters.

“Violence against women and girls is also being increasingly recognized as public health matter and we recognise that violence in all its forms contributes a significant barrier to the full realisation of the human rights for all of us.

“Research has shown that strategies to prevent women and girls need to include men and boys and also such strategies need to be grounded in an understanding of the links between social constructions of masculinity and men’s use of violence.

“It is critical that we end violence in all forms, against women, young women and girls and as the World YWCA, we work together with all young people to speak up for our voices to ensure that we can relate to each other across gender identities, languages, faiths and beliefs, said Ms. Tai.

Mrs. Clarin Toki a former advocator for the Young Women Christians Association (YWCA) in Solomon Islands told this paper how Ms. Naomi Tai went over to attend the recent Human Rights Forum Declaration In Geneva.

“The program that Ms. Naomi attended is an online link application and send through the World YWCA and is purposely for all young women around the Globe to apply to be part of the forum and Naomi was awarded the Scholarship recipients among the ten applicants from Solomon Islands,” said Clarin Toki.

She added by urging all everyone to do the following three points.

“Firstly to ratify and actively implement Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in all countries and to support initiatives that promotes non- violent and positive masculinities for young women, men and boys “.

“Also to support efforts of civil society organisations in identifying gaps and opportunities for engaging men and boys more effectively in the prevention and response to violence against women and girls, said Ms. Tai.

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