Sherolyn Encourages House Wives into Marketing

Sherolyn David

Sherolyn David is one of the many women struggling to earn an income using their talents at the Art Gallery area in Honiara.

Sherolyn is a weaver, and also sews and prints different types of material.

In 2002, Sherolyn decided to print materials such as food covers, and started making baskets and bilums for sale.

“Living here in the town is very expensive. I then came up with this idea of making use of the talent and the skills that I had to earn income to help support my family,” she said.

“When I started my market it was like my small business and it really helped me a lot which bought little by little achievements for my family’s needs and wants.”

Sherolyn sees marketing as a very important way for women and also student drop-outs to earn money.

“I see many mothers engage in marketing today and I am very impressed because this is the only way that mothers and girls who are unemployed could earn good money.

“One of the good things about marketing is that mothers will be able to have their own money to use and not depend all the time on their husband’s income. We know that all women have their own special gifts and it is our responsibility to know these gifts and play our part to make use of them to help us.”

Sherolyn is from the Malaita province and lives in Honiara at the Gilgert camp area. There she creates her bilume, baskets and printed food covers.