Sharita Starts Cake Business from Home Kitchen

Solomon Women Newspaper
The business owner of 'Our Kitchen Home Catering' Sharita Ole Sivita.


“I loved cakes since I was a kid, my mum, aunties, and grandma were all bakers and growing up with them around, watching them bake and how they become successful motivated me,” Sharita Ole Sivita of Our Kitchen Home Catering said. “The reason I passionate baking cakes is that I love eating chocolates and cakes, so I saw that baking as a chance for me to eat cake and chocolate anytime I want.”

Sharita, 28 is a young woman from the Western Province and she is widely known for her passion for baking cakes at her family home kitchen at the Zion Community, Kombuvatu, East Honiara.

“In 2017, I started my baking business called ‘Atirahs Cake Business trading’ under ‘Our Kitchen Home Catering’. From there, we provided many services such as cakes for catering and functions, cakes for special events like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings,” she recalled.

Sharita explained that she loved everything about baking; it’s like an artist trying to get the attention of the viewers.

“Since I started this business, my main purpose is to provide a job for myself and provide income for my family and my main supporters from the beginning were my parents,” she explained.

Atirahs business (known on Facebook as Rita-Sivi) bakes a wide range of variety of cakes such as chocolate cakes (moist), Butter cake, Carrot cake, Lemon Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Fruit Cake, Banana Cake, and Marble Cake including cupcakes, scones, and pizza for any event across Honiara and Provinces.

Business owner of Our Kitchen Home Catering, Sharita Ole Sivita and her husband Francis Sivita..

Like any other business, Sharita also faced her challenges with her business as a young baker. She sometimes finds it difficult when it comes to pricing of the cakes and also highlighted that sometimes she had to learn the art of patience to finish on time because making the right mix can be tough at times.

After all, she had managed to overcome her challenges overtime to keep her upfront and to meet the daily expectations of her local customers in Honiara and the provinces.

The young baker now managed to secure new assets such as – baking tools and a new refrigerator for her cake-baking business.

She later encouraged women and girls that if you have the passion in baking, turn it into a business or if you’re already in the cake business dream big and you’ll realize later what it brings you in the future and lastly the secret ingredient in your business is prayer,” said Sharita.

Wedding Cake prepared by Our Kitchen Home Catering.