Shabella Attains Leadership and Management Recognition

Solomon Women Newspaper
Bulk Shop, Procurement officer, Shabella Rathamana.


TO be able to undertake a supervisory role within a department can be a challenging and daunting task when you a young female with quite an inexperience background working in a male-dominated workplace.

However, this was not quite how Shabella Rathamana executive managers have anticipated over the years as a former compliance officer at Hatanga Company and currently the procurement officer of Bulk Shop.

Ms. Rathamana had previously enrolled to undertake the leadership and management training under a component of the Waka Mere initiative – which focuses on three goals: promote more women in leadership, build respectful and supportive workplaces, and increase opportunities for women in jobs traditionally held by men.

This month she was accredited with Certificate IV in Leadership and Management – the qualification is recognized within the Australian Qualification Framework.

Shabella earlier stated this year in the Waka Mere Magazine that she was very fortunate to work for a company that has sent her to this very important leadership and management training – which was under the Waka Mere two-year initiative which aims to promote gender equality in the private sector in the Solomon Islands.

“They believed in me and saw my potential when I could not see it myself, now I am mindful of recognizing the potential of others and helping them grow,” she said.

Shabella explained that before she undertook the training, she had faced many challenges on issues of taking up leadership roles in the workplace.

“My challenges were fear of speaking out loudly and had less confidence in myself in areas where it requires my input in particular events of work, family, and community,” she said.

“This training has enabled me to believe in myself and had the trust to deliver my service with integrity and honesty and to create and maintain good relationships with my colleagues,” she added.

Shabella said that the program has opened my window of opportunity.

“This opportunity has reflected my recognition from the outcome of this course and how far I have come with my leadership journey under the supervision of the Director of the company and to be able to work alongside a team of young women in the department.”

Shabella said as a young female, this achievement is an encouraging trend towards women. It is a benefit of equal opportunity in the workforce and it cannot be argued.

“As women with professional careers, we cannot wait to see our country benefiting from the potentials of equal opportunity in employment in all fields of work,” she expressed.

“I wish to thank my employers and sponsors for granting my enrolment for this program which I have found useful to improve the delivery of my job description in my workplace,” Shabella said.

The Waka Mere Commitment to Action initiative is making positive strides in its efforts to promote business competitiveness and women’s empowerment in the Solomon Islands.