Rural Women Needs More Development Training

Solomon Women Newspaper
Members of Mothers Union singing religious choruses.


WOMEN in the rural areas in the Solomon Islands needs more training to be carried out in the communities in the provinces.

Stated in the policy it recognizes women and men as equal partners in the development of Solomon Islands. Therefore women need the training to broaden their knowledge of working together with men.

Seeing this issue, Rachel Leka, the Literacy coordinator, and community services from the Anglican Diocese of Isabel province came up with an initiative to provide little training programs in rural areas in the provinces to help build women’s knowledge on different areas on how they could be useful and help contribute to developments in the communities.

“This program that I have started is a simple training ministry that I planned to carry out whenever there is a big church program happening for the Mothers Union,” Rachel said.

Rachel recently attended an annual Mother’s Union program to mark the celebration of the founder of Mothers Union at Russel Islands in July.

Having the chance to attend the program, Rachel decided to carry out her training, engaging a day out for all mothers to attend.

“I thought that it was my chance so I carried out a one-day training for all the mothers who attended,” Rachel said.

“My training was all about community development and how women should have plans to work towards development in their communities.”

She said that during her training she learned that the needs of women in the rural areas were to know more about leadership, life skill, home management, and Christian family training.

Rachel said there was positive feedback from communities that proved that this is a good initiative.

“Women are the backbone of the church, so it is time for churches to see the needs of our rural women and support them with small ministry training.”

Rachel wants to see churches working together with women leaders to reach down to isolated rural areas.

“Together we can make a better community development working together as equal partners of Solomon Islands.”