Provincial Mothers Union Present Reports

President of the Provincial Mother’s Union (PMU) Mary Vunagi

THE Provincial Mothers Union head office has presented all its respective department reports during the recent Great Conference held in Honiara.
Speaking to this paper, Outgoing President, Mary Vunagi said the reports are based on the programs carried out within her three years term from 2015 to 2017.
Mrs Vunagi said the programs include Positive Parenting, Literacy, Saving Scheme embedded with Girls Friendly Society, Outreach programs and income generating income.
She said over the last three years they have reached out to these programs apart from the Mothers Union’s traditional task of encouraging good upbringing of children and good married life.
“In terms of the Outreach program, they have reached out to the vulnerable girls, the elderly, visiting the sick and those in prison and do trainings and life skills with inmates,” she said.
Meanwhile, during the report presentations, many members made their acknowledgments and shown their utmost appreciation on the work done by the respective departments within the Provincial Mothers Union head office saying they have seen a job well done.
They also thanked the outgoing president for her vision to push many of the new programs which really helped the work of the mothers union to be recognized.
Some have applauded the positive parenting program as it really has impact to their lives and help their communities as well.
Meanwhile, the outgoing President said the last three years has not been plain sailing for the PMU.
“The main challenge we encountered was capacity as a number of programs that mothers union is expected to carry out require capacity,” she said.
She added the other challenge is our inability to implement decisions.
“We attend many training, workshops and conferences, but we fail to translate the knowledge we acquire and that does not seem to make a difference to ourselves and to our organization,” he added.