Perth College Students Visits St Nicholas College

A twin from Perth College, Sarah and Cloe Walters with the students.

A group of students and staffs of Perth College from Australia have recently payed a goodwill visit to their sister school of Saint Nicholas College in Honiara.
This is the eighth trip made to Solomon Islands by the Australian State of Western Australia – Anglican day and boarding school for girls. The visit was indeed a remarkable one as it blended both schools to strengthen their existing relationship through sharing of gifts and other social activities.

A Perth College student interacting with St Nicholas Primary students
Teachers of Perth College who came with the students Mrs Nola McIntyre (left) and Mrs Jo Harmsworth (right).

Students and staffs from both colleges were very happy about the relationship as it really helped to foster strong connection and interact with each other. The Perth College also supported Saint Nicholas College students with donations and funds as well as presenting their school uniforms as souvenirs to them.
Speaking to Solomon Women Newspaper, Perth College teacher, Nola McIntyre expressed her gratitude to their friends [staffs and students] from Saint Nicholas College for warmly welcoming them to their school during their visit.
“Most of the students who paid the visit were their first time to come to the Honiara. We are hoping to come back to Solomon Islands next time, especially to St Nicholas College.
“We are so happy that we had the chance to finally come to this lovely country with its kind and gentle citizens,” she said.
The aim of the visit is also to bring about joy and unity among students and staffs from the two colleges.
A student from Perth College, Sara Walters described their friends from St Nicholas as very lovely and kind to be with.
“We were warmly welcomed by the students and staffs of St Nicholas College,” she said.
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