Parenting Experience from Alice Hou

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Alice Hou and her three daughters.


PARENTS nowadays embrace a different style of parenting at home. However, parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Parenting, as mentioned above, is influenced by different types of parenting styles that parents use and which can have a powerful effect on a child’s development. It has a big impact on the relationship a parent (mother and father) have with your children.

According to Wikipedia, parenting skills are the guiding forces of a “good parent” to lead a child into healthy adulthood, influence their development, maintain, and form their children’s negative and positive behaviors. 

“Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience and is a constant work on growth. The cognitive potential, social skills, and behavioral functioning a child acquires during the early years are fundamentally dependent on the quality of their interactions with their parents.”

Parenting a child has a lot of attachment issues and any number of unforeseen circumstances may create a situation in which parent-child attachment is a challenge. In this Q&A interview, you’ll discover the parenting experience of Alice Hou, a mother from Guadalcanal province.

Alice Hou, a mother from Guadalcanal province.

What do you find as the most rewarding thing about being a parent? 

Well, as a parent what I find most rewarding is that being a parent comes from the heart. It is a God-given role that you have to take in and for me, I feel the greatest joy when I started being one.

What do you find most stressful being a parent?

The stressful part is when you start to be a parent as you start to carry out new roles and responsibilities. Another thing is that as time passes and as the children grow, as a parent another stressful thing can be thinking about your child’s future.

How have you changed since you had children?

I have changed a lot from a young lady into a mother and as years pass carrying out my responsibilities as a parent, I have also learned new things together with my children. I have learned to adjust myself with my own children’s interests and built a good relationship with the things I have not done with my parents.

What are some of the daily responsibilities of being a parent?

Well, my daily responsibilities as a parent are so many, but the main ones that I can speak of is that I make sure that my children have food prepared for them in the morning before leaving them for work or before they go off to school, make sure that they have good health, they must have something to eat every day, must provide for their important needs, help out with school work and must always have time to spend with the children.

What do you find hardest about parenting?

As a working mother, I find it tough to spend time with my children. Also getting to trust your children can be tough at times when they reach their teenage stage.

How do your responsibilities change as your children grow older?

Well, as the child grows older, the responsibilities of a parent also grow, which puts more important tasks for parents to carry out.

How do you discipline your children?

I put certain rules for my children not to do and when they disobey these rules I discipline them by talking to them in a teaching way and make sure they do not repeat it.

What activities do you do together with your children?

I spend morning devotions with them to help build up their spiritual life at home, we do family outings such as going to the beach and the river together on holidays and weekends and must be together at all times during our dinner.

How much time do you spend away from your children?

Well, as a working mother, I spend most of the time at work and only the evening and night part of the day and on weekends with my children. To be honest, I am absent most of the time of the day from my house to be with my children. 

Do you buy your child everything they ask for?

Well, it depends on what they want, if it is a school need and very important then I buy them what they need. But sometimes I want to make my children happy so I get the things they want, but not always, only at certain times.

Do you give your children an allowance?

No, I only give them lunch money and their bus fares.

How do you reward your children?

Well, most importantly is that I treat all my three children equally and fairly. You must do the same treatment to all your children in the house. When you give a child anything you do the same to the rest even if other children are living under your roof.

What is your parenting style?

As a parent, the most important thing I love to do is building my relationship with my children at the same time I play the roles and responsibilities that all parents carry out and teach my children to obey my teachings and at the same time I also learn to adapt to my children’s interests.