One Link Pacifica Gave Me Hope Says Lorissa

Solomon Women Newspaper
Honiara resident, Lorissa Mani.


LAST year a new financial investment scheme – One Link Pacifica ignited a massive monetary shock wave particularly among the vast majority of local citizens in the country with unbelievable returns.

Honiara resident, Lorissa Mani described the new investment scheme as an opportunity of a lifetime and a dream come through to achieve her family’s financial freedom.

As a mother of six, Lorissa works as a cleaner and her husband works as a carpenter for a local company in Honiara.

“I started investing in the scheme in November (last year), I was initially introduced to a  mentor (a local agent of One Link Pacifica) who provided me the answers to all my queries about the scheme; and later I was convinced and invested $1000, which it took me more than five weeks to receive a handsome amount of $4000.

“Now, am more convinced and determined to invest more of my money with the One Link Pacifica. From the $4000 I received, I have divided the amount and reinvested $2000 into the scheme,” she said.

Lorissa expressed that she and her husband have worked extremely hard over the past years to make sure their children have a bright future ahead of them; however, with the new financial scheme it has redefined their dreams to a new sense of hope and prosperity.

“The purpose of investing my money into the scheme was to improve my family standard of living and to assist us with our future plans.

“For now, I have a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve from my investments with One Link Pacific. Some of my goals to achieve this year: Being able to afford my children’s school fees, paying for building materials to complete our new permanent house,” she said.

According to the One Link Pacific website, it assured local investors that they make sure that money circulates and benefits the entire population.

“One Link Pacifica is a smart e-network marketing company that helps its customers to invest and receive money to meet their financial needs. To qualify and receive money, customers are required to purchase four investment products and the investment will mature after 30 days.”

  • $5,500.00…after 30 days…$20,000.00
  • $ 2,200.00 …after 30 days…$6,000.00
  • $ 700.00 …after 30 days …$2,500.00
  • $ 250.00 …after 30 days…$ 1,000.00

Lorissa further expressed that the best way to stay focused on your goal of financial freedom is to join One Link Pacifica because it will financially lift you if you’re feeling discouraged or inspire you even more if you’re already on your way with One Link Pacifica.

“To build a life of financial independence takes time, hard work and sacrifice, but for now, I promise to stick all of my investments with One Link Pacific.

“I believe that One Link is a good scheme that will support both the disadvantaged and advantaged members of our society to reach new heights in their dreams, savings, and other forms of investments,” she added.