Nursing Secretary Approves Leadership Training

Solomon Islands Nursing Association, General Secretary, Sue Sikihi facilitating the leadership training workshop.

THE Solomon Islands Nursing Association, General Secretary, Sue Sikihi has approved the recent leadership training program organised by Vois Blo Mere Solomon Islands (VBMSI).

The leadership-training workshop was intended to boost the leadership capacity of medical nurse workers in the country.

“The training is one of the most important trainings aimed to help all nurses to become good leaders and to remind them of their roles in their current professions,” the retired nurse said.

She told Solomon Women that is very pleased to have attended the training.

“The training has reminded me of all the leadership qualities and responsibilities I’ve displayed within the past 40 years in my profession as registered medical nurse.

“It reminded me of many situations I have faced during my past years in service. There are qualities that I need in order to be a good leader in this profession. Therefore, it is very important that leaders of today are transformation leaders. They must know the meaning of being a transformation leader so that they will know how it works when taking up a leadership role,” she added.

In 2015, Mrs Sikihi took up the executive role in 2015 as the General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Nurses Association (SINA).

Meanwhile, she reiterated the importance of the topic ‘gender equality’ that has been discussed in the course of the workshop.

“Today, gender equality has started to make significant changes in the respective communities in the country. We want to let women know that there are areas that women can also play men’s roles to become good leaders.”

“There is a need for the disclosure of more important information on gender equality and quality leadership throughout the respective communities in Solomon Islands. I strongly believe that the dissemination of the accurate and right information will play a positive impact and change to the style of leadership in our nation,” she said.