Mother Appreciates Job with Organic Farm

Zaina Tina Organic Farm, gardener, Alice Tina.


HAVING given an employment opportunity by Zaina Tina Organic Farm has been a blessing and living testament of survival for Alice Tina and her family.

It has been a decade since she has worked as a gardener at the Organic Farm situated at Burns Creek, East Honiara.

“I have worked here for 13 years and I have enjoyed every single part of it,” she described.

Alice Tina hailed from the northern region in Malaita province is a widow who has been married with four children and thanks to Zaina Tina for giving her the life-time opportunity and support until now.

“My husband died in 2007 when our children were at their youngest age. The situation forced me to look for a job in order to support my family.

“This changed my life around and it was hard for me because the only one who supported our family that time was my husband and now that he is gone, I had to do something, so I decided to move over to Honiara to look for a job.

“I have worked hard as a single mother trying to keep my family sustainable every day,” she explained.

Alice Tina weeding on one of the plots at the vegetable farm.

Alice was lucky enough to find a job with the Zaina Tina organic farm in 2007. She initially started off as a housemaid for the farm’s Manager and later switched employment as a gardener on the farm.

“Working as a gardener really suited me, because I am a person who knows how to work and take care of my garden back in my rural community in Malaita,” she said.

Alice’s job at the farm is to clear weeds within the 30 different plots of distinctive organic vegetables and sometimes she also helped other gardeners with nursery and planting of vegetable crops.

“I would like to thank Zaina Tina farm for its offer to this job for me that has helped me manage to support me and my four children since 2007.

“Working as a gardener, I only earn $500 per fortnight and every day I try to manage my money by spending it very wisely especially for my children’s personal and immediate school needs,” she said.

Now, Alice is happy and satisfied with her job as a gardener and has been a classic example for other hardworking single mothers in the country.

“To women out there who have gone through the same path as I went through, I would like to encourage you to step up, do not give up and must push hard to fight for your children. Let us not depend on others, but must be like men to look after your own family,” she said.