Mission to Encourage, Motivate Youths to Step Up And Out

Solomon Islander, Hella Rore Masitalo. Photo credit... PCF Press Release.


EARLIER this month, at the Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Youth Leadership Awards, Solomon Islander, Hella Rore Masitalo scoop two awards for the ‘PCF Top Pacific STEM NZ Scholar award’ and ‘PCF Le Afi Pasifika Creativity Award.’

Hella who is currently studying towards her Bachelor in Construction majoring in Quantity Surveying at Massey University in New Zealand hopes to acquire the skills needed in infrastructure and development to assist her country, Solomon Islands.

In an Exclusive interview with Solomon Women Newspaper, Hella said it is an honor to receive the two (2) awards, also noting that if it was not for the support and inspiration of talented and innovative young people and family in the Solomon Islands, she would not be where she is today thus, she is very grateful.

“Receiving these awards counts as a recognition for us (Solomon Islanders), to be assured that our contribution in creativity and interest, whether big or small matters have the potential of receiving recognition on an international level,” Hella said.

She said that she applauded another fellow Solomon Islander’s creativity in other creative art sectors, who have also gone ahead and brought the Solomon Islands up to international platforms.

Hella believed, she had a great task before her to continue on her part to encourage and motivate other young people to step up and step out.

“I feel proud of many youths out there doing their best and I feel a great task in before me to continue on my part to encourage and motivate other young people to step up and step out, as each of us is born in greatness, gaining diverse perspectives and being innovative, all for the development in our Country Solomon islands, where we call home,” Hella told Solomons Women’s Newspaper.

She further expressed her desire to see her country flourish but also stated that as much as she wants to contribute to a lot of things – “I am only one piece of our puzzle, as we all are.”

“I intend on contributing what I can to our creative art sectors, whether it’d be music, drama, education, or construction.

“The best contribution yet would be to inspire and share success stories, to motivate and inspire other young people to recognize their value and self-worth and to trust in God, let alone their capabilities,” Ms. Rore said.

She revealed that she aims to join the others who have already established organizations with mutual aims to work together with all young people – helping them to find ways they can contribute to helping society.

Meanwhile, Hella advised youths and young people in the country to ask themselves how they would like to see the Solomon Islands in 5 or so years.

“See where you’d like to contribute in, even contributions such as gathering a group and picking rubbish or create support groups with your own with goals.

“Please realize the power you have, help change the world with one act of kindness and paying it forward, being responsible for your actions and lead in a positive cause,” she urged the youths of the country.

She said these are just some of the many ways that youths and young people can work together to achieve good things for the country.

“If we have the same vision then our mission is to conquer together because we can do much more together than apart.

“Know that the world is watching and impressed with what we bring to the table, so own that view and let’s bring value back in our culture and go above and beyond with a united front,” Hella said.