Medical Workers Undergo Leadership Training

President of GPCW Alice Hou speaking to the participants of the training

THE Vois Blo Mere Solomon Islands (VBMSI) has recently organised a leadership-training workshop for the nurses and doctors in the country.
The initiated workshop is part of the local Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) objective to disseminate leadership training awareness to people of Solomon Islands.
The director of Vois Blo Mere, Josephine Teakeni told the Solomon Women that the training is part of their initiative objective towards the preparation of interested candidates for the upcoming national election.

Nurses listening during the training
Nurses and doctors attending the ‘leadership transformation’ training workshop

“The aim of the training is to transform our generation of leaders to become good and quality leaders in communities, churches and nation as a whole,” she said.
The theme of the training program is ‘Transformation Leadership’ and it has attracted the participation of nurses and doctors from Western, Makira, and Malaita and Honiara.
According to the workshop facilitator and President of the Guadalcanal Province Council of Women (GPCW), Alice Hou, the aim of the training is to promote Transformation Gender Responsive Leadership to improve equality, justice and peace.
“It is also to strengthen women’s political participation and to build leadership skills for both women and men as transformational leaders in the drive to enhance gender equality since both genders have the same role and responsibility to play.
The 3 days United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) funded workshop was held at the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) conference room in new China Town.