Marles Passion for Agriculture

Marles Pitavato with her plants of herbs.


WORKING in the field of agriculture is Marles Pitavato’s passion since she graduated from Batuna vocational school in Marovo, Western province.

Marles comes from the Choiseul province and has been working in Zaina Tina organic farm for four years since 2015.

Marles has a heart in engagement in agriculture. During her studies in Batuna vocational school, she came all the way here to Honiara to carry out her practical at Zaina Tina farm. After she graduated and achieved her certificate, she was lucky to have found herself a job again at the farm.

“My passion is in the area of agriculture and here on the farm, my job is to look after herbs.

Marles enjoyed her roles and duties looking after the herbs by pruning and weeding them.

“The different types of herbs that I look after on the farm are coriander, mint, dill parsley, baby rocket, chives, and sweet basil.

“Working in the farm for four years, I have not faced any serious challenges as a young woman working hard engaging in my passion of work and at the same time working hard to earn a living.”

Marles has her own dreams, which she hopes to achieve in the future. She plans to own a farm similar to the one she is currently employed in.

“It is my dream to one day own a farm consisting of various crops and plants, which can also be my business to sell out to supermarkets and shops in the town.”

Marles has many ideas, which she would like to carry out in the future.

“For the time being, I am still working and practicing while carrying out my roles and responsibilities as an employee at Zaina Tina farm.

“One of my favorite parts of working as an herb keeper is seeing people from the hotels coming to buy herbs every week.

“This is very interesting and drives my passion more into this career.

“I would like to encourage all women and girls to love the field of agriculture because, in this field, you will be able to be successful when you turn your garden into business,” she said.