Marilyn Sells Moringa Powder for a Living

Solomon Women Newspaper
Marilyn Samani with her Moringa products at the Honiara Central Market in Honiara.


IN 2017, Marilyn Samani from Guadalcanal province was introduced to the profitable worth of moringa from her friend who started a small-scale business of Moringa powder in the Philippines.

After an initial test run earlier that year, Samani now produces and sells Moringa powder and oil for a living at the Honiara Central Market.

The powder was becoming popular for its health and nutritional benefits for locals in the country although its production has only started recently. The Moringa plant is widely known as the “miracle tree” and now grows well in communities throughout the country.

Marilyn has a particular fully grown moringa tree planted in her home backyard, and currently, she continues to grow more moringa plants to assist with her customers’ higher demand.

“I have planted a moringa tree at my home in Wind Valley, East Honiara in 2017 and this tree is the only source of all my moringa products over the past two years,” she said.

Her products are mostly made from dried moringa leaves, crushed into fine powder, coconut oil and sea weed. The products are moringa oil, moringa cream, moringa seaweed and moringa powder at the market.

Marilyn expressed that her products have many strong and nutritious benefit for the human body.

“Moringa fibres mixed with pure coconut cream and oil are very essential for body massage, relieving body ache, coughs, cures white spots, and enables hair loss recovery and growth.

“The combination of Moringa nutrients, seaweed fibres, and pure coconut oil are essential for removing hair dandruff, softening hair, removing lice, and improving smooth hair texture.

“Hot tea made from crushed (powdered) and dried moringa leaves with warm water can also cures headache, stomach ache, ear pain and also good for high blood, heals wounds, asthma and diabetes and also moringa powder,” she explained.

The different varieties of Moringa products sold at the Honiara Central Market.

Moringa is a sturdy tree that’s now quite popular in communities throughout the country. The leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients. It lowers blood sugar level, reduce inflammation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The Moringa tree has become a cash crop for various communities in and Honiara other neighbouring provinces in the country where disadvantaged women and men are earning a living from the plants.

The mother of five said she is very pleased to receive positive feedbacks from customers on each specific products. Marilyn added that her husband has no job so selling the products is the only way to generate income for the family.

“I use part of the products for the nutritional benefit of my family and take the rest to the market. From the money we (my husband and I) get to support our children’s their education and other basic survival needs of the family,” she said.