“Let’s Rekindle Former Women’s Movement”: Mrs. Billy


One of the outspoken women in political circles Mrs. Afu Billy is urging women in the country to rekindle the former women’s movement to empower them to contribute in various spectrums of development.
Mrs. Billy made the statement in her presentation at the National Women Forum held in Honiara.
This movement exists since the arrival of Christianity; it supports women development and it empowers them in literacy and nursing trainings.
The British Colonial Government established women office in early 60s at Honiara. This office houses a women club as well rural communities focusing on sewing, cooking, health hygiene and the promotion of handicraft as source of income.
In 1893 when SI became a British protectorate under the British Colonial Government and women development mechanism were slowly established and also the women movement was influenced too.
She stress in the presentation as well women also share equal responsibility just as men.
“Women leadership was recognized before westernization creeps. Before women also play important role alongside with men to work and serve in communities and at homes.
Before women engage in economic activities such as piggery, and producing shell money for traditional ceremonial ceremonies.
She said in the 1800 women were groomed on God’s word that builds them to integrate it with how they outwork their skills to become resilient whatever they do in their communities.