Let’s Meet Tahira with her Clothe Food Covers.

Tahira Komesi

Tahira Komesi, a mother from the Langa Langa lagoon, Malaita province, is a vendor at the Art gallery area, Honiara.

“I came up with this idea of sewing food covers when I saw many women in town selling products and foods along the streets in town,” she told Solomon Women.

“It motivated me to see how they succeeded in their little markets and how they seemed to be happily doing it daily.”

Tahira, a mother of five children, saw her business as a way to help support her family, especially her children in school.

“I decided to sew food covers using my own patterns and designs,” she said.

“This little business has really helped me a lot. My husband also has a job but to receive my own income from my own products means a lot to me and my family.

“I was able to pay for my children’s school fee, my family’s needs and my own needs as a mother.”

Tahira said that she even had many customers who placed orders for her food covers.

“I really love what I am engaged in today. The only thing that I must do is to maintain my market by producing more products so that more people would be attracted to my food covers.”

Tahira wanted to encourage all women and mothers to use their talent.

“Let us be creative in what we do. We all have our own talents and skills that God gave us. It is us that need to be creative in order to be successful in life.”