Laura Joins Pageant to Make Change

Crowned Miss Solomon Islands 2017, Emily Laura Chan.

THE recently crowned Miss Solomon Islands 2017, Emily Laura Chan has clearly defined her profound intention to make a change by addressing youth and women relevant issues in the country.

The 18-year-old Laura Chan contested in this year’s pageant competition as Miss Honiara Hotel along with other 6 local female contestants.

Speaking exclusively to Solomon Women, Crowned Miss Solomon Islands said she is absolutely delighted to represent the country as a role model for youths in the country.

“I decided to participate in this MSIP because I have seen many youths in our local schools and communities have commonly engaged in drugs and alcohol. I want to give them constructive advices to help youths realise the bad effects of such illicit substances and activities.

“I want to bring changes to the society by speaking out on relevant issues on free education, protection of our environment. I believe that by addressing those underlining issues, our community might help to make our environment a better place to live,” she added.

The theme of this year’s annual pageant competition is ‘Women in Peace and Harmony with society’.

“This year’s theme clearly reflects a major social issue faced by local women in our respective communities. Women must learn to practise peace and harmony in their respective homes before they could set perfect examples in other communities in the country,” she clearly stated.

Laura is currently doing her form 4 studies at the Anglican-owned Saint Nicholas College in Honiara and is a granddaughter of the owner of the Honiara Hotel Sir Tommy Chan.

“I want to show our local population that Solomon Islands is beautiful in terms of its women and how they play major specific roles in their respective homes and within the society,” she told Solomon Women.

A Beauty Pageant is a competition, which usually features female contestants against each other. The main competition is based on beauty, but will also include aspects of personality, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges’ questions. The judges will judge the contestants on this basis and will announce a winner at the end.

Miss Chan recently took the crown from six other contestants in a ceremony staged at the Coral Sea Resort in Honiara. She was awarded Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality, Best Talent award, Best Sarong and Best Traditional contemporary award.

“I want to thank my family for all their great support especially my mum, my chaperon and mostly to Honiara hotel for being my major sponsor for this pageant completion,” she said.