Kelly Shares Awe-Inspiring Passion on Music

Kelly Lena, 24 years, is a local-based young female musician who tapped into music since her middle childhood.


KELLY Lena, 24 years, is a local-based young female musician who tapped into music since her middle childhood.

Being ethnically from Western and Malaita province, Kelly discovered her talent in music when she was 12. At an early age, she received her first guitar from her parents and soon began to learn about music while performing in church.

From that young age, she started to engage with the Wesley church singing group as their lead vocalist and soon composed songs.

“The reason why I love music is that it helps to express my feelings and it is only through singing that I can describe the way I feel,” Kelly described.

Kelly’s singing calling really started to take off in 2017. Around this time, she managed to release three of her first songs and continued releasing more of her songs in 2019.

“Over the years, my biggest challenge was to finance my music projects; it gives me a very hard time to do all my recordings,” she admitted.

After having had endured the financial challenges, Kelly now earns money through contracts and gigs with Edge Pub. Kelly scored her debut live concert performance last year during the scheduled tour of the Jamaican reggae sensation artist, Daville in Honiara.

“One of the biggest music concerts that I was lucky enough to perform was at the Daville’s show in the 2020 New Year’s Eve countdown in Honiara,” she said.

For now, Kelly is optimistic to perform in future music concerts in the country and abroad like she always dreamt to achieve as an artist.

“It is my dream as a young artist who is motivated to go out and to expose myself outside and to let the world know this passion I have for music and to spread messages around the world through my songs,” she said.

“In my songs, the key message that I share out is based on events happening around the world. One of the latest songs that I have composed is about the COVID19 sharing messages that I would like to share out with the world during this hard time,” she said.

Still striving to explore more in music, Kelly encouraged young and passionate women artists in the country to hold on to the passion that they have towards music.

“If you have the talent in music do not doubt yourself but go for it even though you will face challenges but the important thing is to always think positively in what you do,” the young music talent said.

In the meantime, Kelly Lena acknowledged her supporters, fellow musicians, family, and her producers for all the great support in encouraging and helping her through her journey since she started going into music.

Apart from music, Lena is currently pursuing her academic studies; undertaking Tourism and hospitality courses at the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) Centre in Honiara.