Kari Says SI Remains Ungoverned

Solomon Islands first and former woman political, Hilda Kari.


SOLOMON Islands first and former woman political, Hilda Kari has publicly shared her views and experiences on the peace rebuilding processes within the context of the post ethnic conflict in the country.

“One thing that stood up in my mind was that the nature of the conflict was ethnic and not political.

“If it was ethnic in the nature, then it has to do with our customs, our ownership system of land and resources, our traditional values and the way we give and receive respect from one another.

“Solomon Island became politically independent but socially and culturally we remained ungoverned. Strongly enough as the ethnic uprising continued there was a tinge of political overtone in the whole conflict when someone threw the spanner into the situation over the issue of State Government.

Kari made the rhetoric at the launch programme of the United Democratic Party (UDP) previously held at the National Museum Auditorium in Honiara.

She said as the country looks forward for the 2019 National General Elections, we must seriously look into fundamental reform policies.

“This was indeed the starting point for me in trying to find solution for sustainable peace and to engage preventative policy mechanism aimed at harnessing diversity through fundamental reforms and innovative policy mechanisms for a cohesive society.

Meanwhile, Kari says that the solution to settle the score has to be both ethnic and political in nature being characterised by the State Government Issue.

“Lest you forget what your country went through in the not too distant past.

“To lean and to appreciate the work commitment and the sacrifice made by our who went before us in pursuit for peace and to remember those who paid the ultimate price.

“Most importantly for the purpose for which we are here today in this gathering is to say that it was from those involvement and participation in the peace process that I started to be convince that it is my personal and moral duty to search for answers and solutions to the cause of the conflict,” Kari said.