Joyce Konofilia Launches Political Campaign

Ms Konofilia launching her political campaign as an intending candidate of the East Honiara Constituency for the upcoming 2019 National General Elections.


“WE need to make change!”

These are the words of the president of the Solomon Islands People’s First Party, Ms Joyce Konofilia, who launched her campaign on Friday 15 Febuary at the Solomon Islands National University.

Ms Konofilia is an intending candidate of the East Honiara Constituency for the upcoming general elections.

As a woman raised in a conservative To’obaita culture, she is well aware of her position in the society, family and in the community,” she said.

Ms Konofilia, who has a number of senior roles in Solomon Islands tourism, said that she is offering her education, experience and time to be an example of hope for those wanting a second chance in life.

“I am going into the election because I strongly believe that our people need that one person who can be the facilitator of their aspirations, and who can take time to listen and act on their wish,” she said.

“As leaders we need to stop and ask ourselves, are we being fair to the people, are we planning according to our peoples needs and more importantly, do we believe in our people and do we empower them to be champions as well as individuals in their families and communities and therefore contributing effectively to the nation building?” Ms Konofilia asked.

She wants to provide hope and motivation to youth who don’t believe in themselves.

“I strongly believe that I am the right choice to be the voice of the silent majority, and for the big population of women and youth communities. I can recognise and appreciate my people and strive to empower them to be successful in their lives,” she said.

“I intend to work alongside my people in East Honiara, to be a willing honest and humble servant to the people of East Honiara.”

Ms Konofilia, from the Malaita and the Renbell province, is a tourism consultant and the owner of the Solomon Host. She is currently President of the Solomon Islands People’s First Party SIPFP, the vice president of the Solomon Islands Tourism Council, on the Solomon Islands University Council, the Director of Ms Solomon Islands Pageant and a board member of the Miss South Pacific Pageant Board.