Jenny and Her Dye Lava lava’s.

Jenny Joe

Jenny Joe is a housewife who has been living in Honiara town since she got married in 2015 and still enjoys the fact of being a house wife and making use of her talented skills to earn money for a living.

Jenny performs her creativity at her home at Jericho in west kola ridge area by dying lava lavas to sell.

Speaking to the Solomon Women’s paper in an exclusive interview, Jenny shared her little story of how she decided to start her little business to help her family.

“I started dying lava lavas before I got married. I was taught by my mother back in my village in the North Malaita province. Ever since that time, I started to dye my own lava lavas and started to create my own new patterns to sell.”

Jenny pays her materials from shops in town and work on her products at home and puts to sell in front of her house for her customers to see.

“When I got married I continued doing this and found it real helpful for me as a house wife to earn my own income to spend on household needs.”

Even though Jenny’s husband is employed, she said that she doesn’t wants to lean and wait for his incomes.

“I would rather receive money from my own sweat to help me satisfy what needs and wants I have for my household”, says Jenny.

Jenny encourages women around to be useful with their talents.

“Seeing this I know that women can be useful in a lot of ways. It is us that we need to see our talents and how to be wise to be creative and make use of these talented skills. For us housewives this is the only way that we can be helpful to our family.”

Jenny’s little business is a success, she has a number of good customers and that makes Jenny proud of her.