‘It Requires Patience And Commitment’


A good number of market vendors also had the opportunity to be part of the International Rural Women’s Day celebrations in Honiara last week.
The week-long event was hosted at the Art Gallery area.
Sitting in a stall among other women charting and enjoying the orchestral movement of the occasion with their sold produces, Mrs Rose Nafo recalled the dedication and commitment she made towards selling her produces in the market to earn a living.
Rose is from Guadalcanal Province and she is a popular face at the Henderson market east of Honiara.
She sells vegetables and root crops on a daily basis.
Rose told Solomon Women Newspaper to be a market vendor it requires commitment, patience and flexibility, especially when you’re doing it to support the needs of your family.
Rose says she enjoys selling her produces at the market and considers it as her profession because she earns an income out of it to meet the needs of her family.
“Sometimes I do not get what I expect because many other people sell the same produces as I’m selling but at the end of the day I’m satisfied with what I earn.
“To get the most out of the competition, we usually lower our prices so that our produces can be sold out to avoid them from going to waste,” she said.
Rose has her own gardens back home but sometimes when her gardens are not ready for harvest, she buys from other farmers and resell their produces at the market.
“Marketing is quite boring but it is also interesting at the sametime because every day you will meet new friends, enjoy their company and earn enough money,” she said.
However, she said as a market vendor there are lots of challenges they normally encountered every day, which really affects their sales.
Challenges such as transportation difficulties, high freighting demands to get the products to the market place and products might get damaged along the way while transporting them to the market place.
Now Rose can afford to build a permanent house for her family.
She said she can afford to send her children to school, pay their school fees, stationary and other school needs, all thanks to the income she receives from being at the market selling the produces from her garden.
Meanwhile, Rose encourages people living in Honiara City to make gardens when there is space or a piece of land available.
“Life in the City these days is very expensive and people depend entirely on market places to get vegetables, fruits and other items for their meals. It would be easier if people learn to make their own small gardens besides their homes,” she said.