Inspiration Behind Julie’s Artistic Works

Female renowned paint artist and designer, Julie Fakaia and her exhibited creative artworks at the National Art Gallery.

PICTURE sea turtles, traditional NguzuNguzu, the frangipani flower and various indigenous tribal designs and you will begin to get a sense of the artwork created by Solomon Islands renown female artist, Julie Fakaia.

Julie is a gifted artist in her youthful upbringing. She perfected her artistic skills by competing in the primary and secondary school art competitions. Art was more than a hobby but a crazy obsession and inspiration for her.

“Since I was a child, I almost participated in every school art competitions such as drawings, paintings, posters and many other art works competitions in the country. I guess that is where I developed my gift and passion as a young female and aspiring artist,” she told Solomon Women.

Julie is ethnically from the sub region of South Malaita in Malaita province.

The unique tradition and diverse culture of Solomon Islands has been the main source of inspiration in her artistic works.

“When it comes to my depiction of art; Solomon Islands has a very unique and diverse culture. I see many different techniques that I could do with my paintings (artistic work) to capture, educate and inspire other people to appreciate our country’s rich and diverse culture.

“Some of my artistic works is a combination of the unique traditional designs or different patterns from the various provinces in the country. I want to ensure the combination is more attractive for my local and international customers,” she added.

Julie is currently the assistant in curator of the Solomon Islands National Art Gallery in Honiara. She has developed an eye and passion for staging artwork in a way that creates interest in art exhibitions in Honiara.

“Artworks play a major role in contributing to the economy of the country. This is because of the value of art products produced in the country are mostly handmade,” she said.

Julie has an obsession with natural and iconic beauty of flowers.

Julie Fakaia distinctive hibiscus flower artwork.

“I have developed a fascination in painting flowers. Most of my customers are very fond of my flower paintings. I usually depicted most of my creative artwork on canvas using acrylic and oil paint.

“I also do other type of artworks besides painting which is weaving products, carvings and the three dimension artworks using plywood,” he added.

She has created a credible connection with her customers through her Facebook page.

“I have created a positive social network with majority of my customers who have admired and wished to purchase my artwork products. I find it useful communication with my customers on that level of communication,” she told Solomon Women.

Julie’s unique tribal artistic work on canvas.

Meanwhile, she encouraged other aspiring local female artist to expose their talents.

“I strongly believe that there is a good number of female talented artists in the country. The Solomon Islands Artist Association and National Art Gallery welcomes new and emerging artists who wish to promote their art and talent to both the local and wider audience,” Julie said.