Innedy’s Passion behind Theatrical Performance

Local theatre performer, Innedy Sese performing live on stage.


AS a local performer engaging with the Stages of Change (SOC) Theatre Group, the mother of seven, Innedy Sese from Guadalcanal province shares a unique narrative of how she is passionate to portray the message about Gender-Based Violence against women through her performance on stage.

Innedy engagement with the theatrical platform was a choice she had made over the years as a mandate to help women and girls who are victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) to voice out the problems they face within their respective families, homes, and communities in the Solomon Islands.

She is a qualified school teacher and had previously worked with several NGO’s, however, she had to quit her profession in order to help out as an advocator against the epidemic of all forms of violence in the country.

“I have the heart to help women and girls not only in my community but everywhere in this country and it has become my passion over these years working as an advocator to fight against GBV and am looking forward to doing more awareness that will be taking place this year in the communities especially to share this important message that together we could fight against GBV in the Solomon Islands,” Innedy said.

“As an actress, campaigning to fight against violence against women using theatre performance, I can say that I am a proud woman, helping to act out the real-life situation that is happening daily in many lives of women and girls in the country,” Innedy expressed.

Innedy with the members of Stages of Change (SOC) Theatre Group.

Over the years, Innedy has traveled with the local theatrical group to provincial communities in the country and overseas to advocate the issue of GBV.

Innedy said that going around in communities and sharing these important messages made her very happy in helping out to carry the responsibility to pass out the messages of Domestic Violence.

“There have been feedbacks from people in the communities of being their first time to receive the message through theatre performances which are visual and is easy to understand.

“We have also come across women, men, youths, and children who emotionally shared with us experiences they face with their families.

“I believe that if we work together to advocate and address this global issue experienced around the world, we will be able to lessen this issue and will be able to put a stop to it.

“One man cannot do it alone, but with everybody working together we can make it work,” she said.

The Stages of Change (SOC) consists of women performers intending to tackle the huge problem of domestic violence in the islands’ culture. Their performance, Voices against Violence, features women using mime, choreography and traditional Melanesian imagery to convey their experiences and their message that this abuse must end.