High Number of Women to Contest in the Elections

2018 Recap: Participants of the Practice of Parliament for Women in the Solomon Islands (Photo: National Parliament of Solomon Islands).


FIVE women are among the 17 candidates standing for election for the Solomon Islands People’s First Party (SIPFP).

They are Joyce Konofilia, who will contest in East Honiara, Selina Berah in West Guadalcanal, Nelly Nori in Temotu Pele, Lucy Kasimwane in Ulawa Ugi and Trish Dalu in West Kwaio constituency.

Selina Berah said it was a good sign to see a good number of women standing up to contest the elections.

“This is a sign of women realising that there is still a huge need for improvement in our nation and that it is time for women to step up, take action and take responsibility for making change,” she said.

All the years of male dominated decision making could be one of the reasons that the country is still not moving forward, Mrs Berah said.

“Things could work out if women could be voted into parliament and there be a gender balance in decision making at the highest level,” she said.

Mrs Berah said that gender balance in parliament was one of SIPFP’s proposed sustainable development goals to be attained by 2030.

“This is exactly what we mean in having balance decision making in the highest level,” Selina explained.

“As well as the five women in SIPFP there are many other women contestants in other parties that will also be contesting the election,” she added.

It was a good sign to see a high number of women standing and she wished them all well in their preparations.

“Let us fight together to choose quality leadership for a better Solomon Islands.”