Heart Specialist Doctor Visit Honiara

Dr Maryanne checking a child patient.


FIJI Based and Solomon Islands female Paediatrician, Dr Maryanne One’asi Harihuru Korai’ai has recently undergone a 2-day free medical check-up services for children with possible rheumatic heart diseases.

She performed screenings, check-up and medical referral treatments for children aged 2-18 years that might develop rheumatic Heart disease.

The visit to Honiara was made possible with the partnership established between Mere Care Clinic and Heart Specialist, Dr Maryanne Korai’ai.

Dr Maryanne who is from Solomon Islands but currently lives and works in Fiji decided to spend a week in Honiara visiting her family at the same time helped by offering her services at the national referral hospital and Mere Care clinic.

She emotionally told Sunday Isles that she has detected some children who have the rheumatic heart diseases.

“It is very depressing to see few severe cases of children with rheumatic heart disease in the country. However, am doing my best to help children who have the rheumatic heart diseases to receive proper treatment and to provide medical advise on how to prevent them from going into severe a stages of health complications.

“It is also very sad to see that there is no heart specialist Doctors to help children in the country,” she added.

General Practitioner and Managing Director of Mere Care clinic, Dr Donna Marie said that Dr Maryanne’s visit is a fulfilling new experience to Mere Clinic.

“This is a special opportunity for parents to bring out their children to check for the heart disease and I am happy to see many parents coming out with their children.”

Dr Maryanne (first-front row) and the Mere care clinic team.

Dr Maryanne has a profound medical practice in the field of cardiology. She also performs free outpatient services and cardiac surgery/Cath lab services to children with Congenital Heart Disease.

She previously had undergone cardiology attachment training at the Super Speciality Centre for Child Heart Care hospital in India.

Meanwhile, Dr Maryanne advised local mothers with childcare giving experience to look after the health of their children.

“I urge you the beautiful women of Solomon Islands, the mothers of our children, hence the nation to look after your families by looking yourselves as well. Only then, can we give our best to our families, community, nation and the world.”