Guale Women Leaders Inspired from Leadership Workshop

Solomon Women Newspaper
Veravaolu village, woman leader, Emanuela Lafaro receiving her certificate of participation from the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women, President, Alice Hou.


THE Guadalcanal Council of Women recently facilitated leadership and anti-corruption awareness workshop aimed at equipped community leaders on how to make fair leadership decisions and avoid corruption offenses within their communities on Guadalcanal.

The workshop was held at the Visale’s Sagalu ward in North-West Guadalcanal and it covered the following topics on Gender, Transformational leadership, Corruption offenses, and others.

Veravaolu Community’s Woman Leader Emanuela Lafaro said digesting and understanding the awareness made by workshop facilitators on how to tackle some of the leadership and corruption issues at the rural and national level was truly remarkable.

“This awareness workshop is important for everyone to understand and recognize the impacts of corruption in our communities because many of the women in these rural places have not accessed information as to what corruption is.

“Even though we know a little about the word ‘corruption’ as a bad act, we do not understand the penalties of this act, its effects and how it is against the law of the country. Now we understand clearly the impacts that people will face when someone involves in the act of corruption.

“As leaders, we have gained much knowledge during this training which will help us share with other women in our communities the important message for us to help men in our communities to lessen the problems we face that is caused by the act of corruption,” Emanuela explained.

The 20 trainers from the Visale’s Sagalu ward in North-West Guadalcanal with their certificate of participation awards.

The awareness training was also aimed to prepare local participants (chiefs and community leaders) on how to become trainers on the specific issues of Leadership, Corruption Act and Anti-corruption and to ensure they have an equipped knowledge of how to recognize the corruption offenses happening within their communities.

The women leaders who attended the workshop shared their views on how the workshop will help them with the leadership roles they carry out in their respective communities.

She said that women leaders are happy and inspired to be part of this program.

“This training is the first of its kind to be carried out here, therefore the women leaders are grateful towards Guadalcanal Province Council of Women (GPCW) for carrying out this workshop in our community.

“Now with the certificates, we have received from this training; we are now inspired and motivated to be future agents of change against corruption in our respective communities of Sagalu ward,” Emanuela added.

The awareness training workshop was funded by UNDP and implemented by GPCW with the support of DSE.