Guale Woman Candidate Aims Workable Development

Jacobeth at her previous campaign launch program held at Namoraoni village, Central Guadalcanal.

BY JOY OFASIA              

WOMAN Candidate for Central Guadalcanal Constituency, and member Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) Jacobeth Maneiria said sustainable development would be the key message in her campaign strategy for the upcoming 2019 National General Election.

Jacobeth made the statement at her previous campaign launch programme held at Namoraoni village, Central Guadalcanal. Community leaders and constituents from neighbouring villages in Malango, Henderson and other communities in central Honiara also attended her campaign launch programme.

She said most of the socio-economic problem faced by her constituency is related to unsustainable development.

“We have no time for datable matters or pointing fingers at each other, rather it is time to look for solutions. Honiara City is situated in Central Guadalcanal and other major national projects in the country – It is the pride of Solomon Islands. Central Guadalcanal hosts the Gold Ridge Mines, Tina Hydro and the Honiara International Airport.

“In spite of these national projects, tangible development in Central Guadalcanal has largely remained stagnant.”

Jacobeth further added that nothing much has changed and so this should serve us as reminder for all people to rethink about growth in terms of infrastructure.

“It is my vision to develop infrastructures, i.e. to improve road conditions and access to health and education facilities, create opportunity to economic employment and development and encourage environmentally friendly development. I believe all of these visions are only workable if the people of Central Guadalcanal Constituency work together.”

She also highlighted fundamental importance stipulated under DAP’s theme: ‘UMI Together Save buildim Nation’.

“As a people of Central Guadalcanal, together we can prove to our country and the rest of the pacific region we can make a change for a better Solomon Islands.

“We have natural resources, human resources, and skills that will enable us to excel and nothing can stop us from using our wisdom and skills to develop our communities.”

Meanwhile, a local constituent described Jacobeth as someone who they trust to be their leader.

“Jacobeth Maneiri has a strong vision and I believe she can make positive changes that will have a positive effect in our families and communities of Central Guadalcanal Constituency.”

Jacobeth has a great experience in community leadership. She has worked with in various organisations. She also received a top recognition and award from Community Development SPC in 2013.